Recent undergraduate courses include introductory classes on moral and political philosophy, including a mandatory introduction to political philosophy for undergraduates at Georgetown's School of Foreign Service.

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Recent graduate courses include seminars on political philosophy, moral reasoning, role morality, and moral innovation, and an interdisciplinary seminar on special obligations co-taught at Georgetown's Law School. In 2014-15, Dr. Richardson is teaching a year-long Moral Innovation Seminar, sponsored by Georgetown’s Normative Orders Collaborative, featuring presentations by many leading thinkers from Georgetown and around the world.

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Current & Former PhD Students


Mentor to

Minerva San Juan (October 1991), Whitley Kaufman* (May 1996), Harrison Keller (August 2002), Justin Weinberg* (December 2004), Daniel Levine (March 2005), Patricia Flynn (April 2006), Robert Leider* (July 2009), Ann Lloyd Breeden (October 2013), Nate Olson (July 2012), Luke Maring (June 2012), and Travis Rieder (July 2014).

*Ph.D. with distinction

Reader for

Aaron Mackler, Robert Mayhew, Frank Chessa, Andrew Cohen, Kim Mattingly, Kathy Taylor, Jeremy Koons, Lauren Deichman, Stephen Hanson, Gerry Curtis Bridgeman (Vanderbilt U.), Jennifer Walter, Jeremy Snyder, Carin Ewing, Michael Ferry, Lauren Fleming, Karim Sadek, Marcus Hedahl, Kelly Heuer, Kyle Fruh, Tony Manela, Catherine Slack (U. of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Durban, South Africa), Chong Un Choe, Anne Jeffrey, Gordon Shannon.