Selected works on Practical Reasoning

Practical Reasoning about Final Ends (Cambridge, 1994)

Richardson constructs an original theory of how we can reason about our final goals, arguing against a long tradition of belief in the limits of rational deliberation. Discussion covers, inter alia, Aristotle, Aquinas, Sidgwick, Dewey, and several contemporary philosophers.

“Commensurability as a Prerequisite of Rational Choice: An Examination of Sidgwick's Position”History of Philosophy Quarterly 8(2): 181–197 (1991).

“Desire and the Good in De Anima, in Essays on Aristotle's De Anima, ed. Martha C. Nussbaum & Amélie Oksenberg Rorty (Oxford, 1995).

“Truth and Ends in Dewey's Pragmatism”The Canadian Journal of Philosophy 24: 109–147 (1998).

“Autonomy’s Many Normative Presuppositions”American Philosophical Quarterly 38(3): 287–303 (2001).

“Thinking about Conflicts of Desire”, in Practical Conflicts: New Philosophical Essays, ed. Peter Baumann & Monika Betzler (Cambridge, 2004).

“Satisficing: Not Good Enough”, in Satisficing and Maximizing: Moral Theorists on Practical Reason, ed. Michael Byron (Cambridge, 2004).

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