Photo credit: Martha Stewart

Photo credit: Martha Stewart

Henry S. Richardson is Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University in Washington, DC and is a Senior Scholar at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics.  Prior to arriving at Georgetown in 1986, he was at Harvard, where he earned graduate degrees in law and in public policy and his Ph.D. in philosophy (with John Rawls; Martha Nussbaum supervised his Master’s thesis).  He works in moral and political philosophy.  

His books are the following:

  • Practical Reasoning about Final Ends (Cambridge, 1994);
  • Democratic Autonomy: Public Reasoning about the Ends of Policy (Oxford, 2002);
  • Moral Entanglements: The Ancillary-Care Obligations of Medical Researchers (Oxford, 2012).

He is currently working on a book on the nature of moral authority and moral innovation, tentatively entitled Articulating the Moral Community: Toward a Constructive Ethical Pragmatism.

Dr. Richardson is the editor of Ethics and is president (2014–16) of the Human Development and Capability Association.